Elegance HCG Tablets


Food supplement that helps with hunger feelings and increases the fat burning.

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Food supplement that helps with hunger feelings and increases the fat burning.

The HCG diet helps to lose weight in a natural and responsible way. Thanks to the Elegance HCG tablets, the excessive fat can disappear and the, for many people, typical problem zones (hips, belly, bottom, etc) are handled more efficiently.

Content of Elegance HCG Tablets:

  • 24 HCG Tablets
  • 24 tablets vitamin B12
  • Information leaflet with diet

A dietary supplement cannot be used to replace well-balanced and varied food  and a healthy life style. The recommended daily dosage should not be exceeded. Keep out of reach for children.  Store in a cool, dry, dark place. Read the instructions before use.

Ingrediënten HCG Tablets

  • Vulmiddel microkristallijne cellulose,
  • Guttegomboondroog extract (Garcinia Cambogia;250 mg per tablet),
  • verdikkingsmiddelguar gom,
  • groene thee extract (CamelliaSinensis; 100 mg per tablet),
  • psylium huskpoeder (Plantago psyllium; 100 mg per tablet)
  • antiklontermiddel stearine-zuur,
  • katoenzaadolie,
  • antiklontermiddel siliciumdioxide,
  • antiklontermiddelmagnesiumstearaat,
  • chroompicolinaat(60μg chroom per tablet, 48% ADH*)

Ingrediënten vitamine B12 tabletten

  • Vulmiddel microkristallijne cellulose,
  • kleurstof rode bieten,
  • antiklontermiddelsiliciumdioxide,
  • antiklontermiddelmagnesiumstearaat,
  • cyanocobalamine (Vitamine B12; 0,0006%; 2,4 μg per tablet, 96% ADH*)

* Aanbevolen Dagelijkse Hoeveelheid

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